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Suisei Hoshimachi Takes the Stage at Anime NYC with Mori Calliope

Suisei Hoshimachi Takes the Stage at Anime NYC with Mori Calliope

Ozkan Askin |

The Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) scene is buzzing with excitement. Anime NYC recently announced that Cover Corporation's hololive production VTubers would be gracing their event this year. Not just as mere attendees, but they're set to perform a spectacular concert for fans to remember.

A First Time for Everything

Mark the date: November 17. Japanese talent Suisei Hoshimachi, a name well-known in the hololive community, is set to perform in the United States for the very first time. And guess what? She won’t be alone on stage. Mori Calliope, the revered hololive English member, will be making a guest appearance. For those who follow these two performers, the collaboration promises to be an epic blend of talent.

Expanding Horizons

Hololive English's third generation, Advent, which includes talents like Shiori Novella and Koseki Bijou, isn’t staying behind either. They have a panel scheduled for November 18. What can fans expect? Insights, laughter, and probably a few surprises.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The rapid growth of hololive English has been nothing short of impressive. Remembering their first English concert at Anime Expo on July 2, where all the 10 members of the branch performed, it's evident how the community has expanded and embraced the English-speaking talents. They’ve previously teamed up with the Japanese branch during the annual hololive Fes events, bridging the cultural gap with the universal language of entertainment.

Hololive's Remarkable Journey

Since the debut of the first generation of hololive performers in 2018, the company has launched several other groups, including "Myth," "Council," "Advent," and the male group "HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-". Cover Corp, the agency that manages these talents, boasts over 70 VTubers and an impressive 70 million subscribers across all their YouTube channels. Their formula? Outstanding 2D and 3D avatars combined with unique personalities that resonate with fans across the globe.

Controversial Points to Ponder:

  1. The Blurring Line Between Reality and Virtual: With VTubers taking center stage at major events, it raises the question of the future of entertainment. Will virtual artists overshadow real-life ones?
  2. Language Barriers Broken or Strengthened? While hololive English has performed with the Japanese branch, some argue it segregates the community rather than unites it.
  3. The Rapid Growth and Saturation: The introduction of new generations so quickly could risk oversaturating the market. Does it give enough time for each talent to grow and establish their presence?

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