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Ayakashi Triangle: The End of an Era and The Controversies Around It

Get the latest Anime news here! We share our thoughts and feelings about Ayakashi Triangle. Comment and share your own thoughts, Be apart of our amazing Anime Community.

Ozkan Askin |

It's the news every Ayakashi Triangle fan had been dreading: Kentaro Yabuki's captivating manga series is coming to a close. The official announcement came through this year's 43rd issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, causing ripples of sadness and anticipation among the dedicated fanbase. The close alignment of the manga's end with the conclusion of its anime adaptation signifies the closing of a beloved chapter in the world of manga and anime.

Yet, like many great stories, Ayakashi Triangle's journey hasn't been without its controversies and bumps:

  1. The Gender-Bending Plot Twist: Central to the storyline is a controversial gender switch. The spell turning Matsuri, a seasoned ninja exorcist, into a woman raises eyebrows. This pivot not only provided unique plot developments but also tapped into deeper conversations about gender identity and fluidity in today's society. How well did the manga address this sensitive topic, and what are the implications of such a narrative choice?

  2. Shifting Platforms: Initially launching on Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in June 2020, Ayakashi Triangle made the transition to the Shonen Jump+ service in 2022. While this might seem like a mere logistical change, it does pose questions about the changing dynamics of the manga publishing industry. Was this move strategic? Or a reflection of shifting reader preferences?

  3. COVID-19 Impacts on Anime Production: The pandemic threw a wrench in the anime adaptation's schedule. The delay of episodes due to the adverse effects of COVID-19 highlighted the fragility of the entertainment production chain. But it also showcased the resilience and commitment of the team, as they returned to their original broadcast schedule in July.

In the midst of these controversies, one thing remains undeniable: Ayakashi Triangle has left an indelible mark on its readers and viewers, offering a narrative that blends action, romance, and supernatural elements with the underlying themes of friendship, love, and transformation.

As Viz Media and Seven Seas roll out the manga's 16th volume this December, fans worldwide brace themselves for a bittersweet farewell to a world that has enthralled them for years.

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