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Haikyu!! Movie Franchise Returns with a Bang: Mitsunaka at the Helm

Get the latest Anime news here! We share our thoughts and feelings about Haikyu!! Movie Franchise Returning. Comment and share your own thoughts, Be apart of our amazing Anime Community.

Ozkan Askin |

The long-awaited announcement came in, sending waves of excitement amongst the fans of the acclaimed Haikyu!! anime franchise. On the recent Haikyu!! Festa 2023 event, the franchise introduced its audience to the trailer and teaser poster of "Gekijōban Haikyu!! Gomi Suteba no Kessen", the first of two films under the Haikyu!! Final sequel project. And to make things more electrifying, Susumu Mitsunaka is making his return!

A Veteran Returns: Known for directing the first and third Haikyu!! television anime series, Mitsunaka is not only directing but also penning down the script for the film. His return is certainly significant as it promises the same energy, dynamics, and ethos that made the previous series unforgettable.

The Showdown Awaits: This first film is set to portray the much-anticipated clash between Karasuno High and Nekoma High, teasing what's expected to be a high-octane, heart-racing match.

A Journey to Remember: It's worth noting the origins of Haikyu!!. The manga, started by Haruichi Furudate back in 2011, concluded in July 2020, totaling 45 volumes. The transition from paper to screen started in 2014 with Production I.G’s first television anime adaptation. Despite pandemic-induced challenges, the franchise continued to produce content that resonated with fans worldwide.

Controversial Points:

  1. The Weight of Expectations: With Mitsunaka's return, the bar is set incredibly high. Will the movie live up to the hype or fall victim to its own expectations?
  2. Pandemic's Influence: Delays due to COVID-19 had affected the release of previous seasons. How might this hiatus have affected the narrative or production quality of the upcoming movie?
  3. Adaptation Challenges: Turning a popular manga series into a two-part film series poses significant challenges. Is there a risk of missing out on crucial storylines or character developments?

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